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Victoria Wood joins BBC One’s Case Histories cast alongside Jason Isaacs

Celebrated stand-up comic and writer Victoria Wood will star alongside Jason Isaacs in the second series of acclaimed BBC One drama, Case Histories, which started shooting in Edinburgh at the beginning of September 2012.

Jason Isaacs reprises his role of Jackson Brodie for the second series, which will consist of three 90-minute stories. Victoria Wood joins the cast for the first story, which is adapted from Atkinson’s novel ‘Started Early, Took My Dog’.

Speaking of her casting, Wood said, "I am a huge fan of Kate Atkinson and couldn't resist the chance to be involved in Case Histories."

Jason Isaacs gets to grips with his new co-host, Crunchie (aka The Ambassador)Jason Isaacs (pictured left with another new co-host, Crunchie (aka The Ambassador)) adds: "I can't wait to put on the crumpled, witty, self-destructive, noble and naughty skin of Jackson Brodie again and dive into the unique flavour of Kate Atkinson's worlds. Nobody connects the past with the present and the absurd with the heart-wrenching like she does and we all feel excited and lucky to bring another bunch of stories of damage and delight to the screen."

Further casting for the remaining two episodes will be announced in coming weeks.

Case Histories Series 2 will transmit on BBC One in 2013.

About Case Histories

Case Histories is a six-part series adapted from Kate Atkinson's compelling mysteries. At the heart of these stories is private investigator Jackson Brodie, who is played by Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter, The Patriot). A complex and compulsive detective surrounded by death, intrigue and misfortune20his own life haunted by a family tragedy, he attempts to unravel disparate case histories.

The series, which also stars Amanda Abbington and Natasha Little, is set amidst the iconic landscapes of modern Edinburgh, bringing to screen the delightful jigsaw puzzles of Kate Atkinson's novels and the complexity of her hero Jackson Brodie.

A former soldier and policeman, Jackson's tough-guy exterior belies a deeply empathetic heart. He's unable to resist coming to the rescue and is a magnet for the bereaved, the lost and the dysfunctional.

Full of entertaining and original characters, each two part story is warm, poignant and life-affirming, enjoying humour whilst exploring the darkness that underpins each crime mystery.


The series was filmed and set in modern Edinburgh, and produced by Ruby Films for BBC One and was originally broadcast from the 5th June at 9pm (BST) on BBC One and 10:45pm (BST) on BBC HD. It received the TV Dagger at the ITV3 Crime Thriller Awards 2011.

For more information on the series, characters and cast, visit the BBC's Case Histories website.

Catch up with each episode on the BBC iPlayer.

Watch an interview with Kate Atkinson and Jason Isaacs:



Case Histories DVD Case Histories - Complete Series 1 on DVD
Case Histories is a character driven, not procedural, detective series. Each story is, first and foremost, an exploration and revelation of character structured by the unravelling of a crime mystery. Distinctive in its humanity and modernity, its storytelling embodies emotional depth and humour. Each two part story reflects the novel from which it is adapted, yet clearly belongs to a returnable series. The series has the ambition of the best jigsaw puzzles of Kate Atkinson's novels, aiming to delight both her established audience and a mainstream TV audience with her immensely likeable and original characters. At the heart of these stories and characters is private investigator, Jackson Brodie played by Jason Isaacs. It all adds up to a clever, compelling drama, with warmth and wit from Jackson, alongside the mystery and murder of the dark world outside.

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Jason Isaacs on being Jackson Brodie

Jason Isaacs as Jackson Brodie"Having narrated the audio-books of all the Jackson Brodie novels and being, as a consequence, dazzled not only by Kate's sensational abilities to weave a story but, wittily and economically, to convey character flaws, strengths, sub and un-conscious desires and drives and more, to create a hypnotic world full of damaged, struggling and beautifully etched characters, it was with utter terror that I faced the prospect of putting one of them on the screen.

Add to all that literary, emotional and anthropological excellence the fact that, in Jackson, she had created a Mr Rochester for the modern age, a post-modern, romantic fantasy figure of a man that countless hordes of women all over the world quasi-worship, and it's easy to imagine why I flirted with dodging the bullet and watching someone else be the focus of the inevitable disappointment.

In the end it was that: the prospect of someone else, some other lucky bastard, trudging the streets in Jackson's battered shoes that did it. It was unconscionable. I decided to have faith in the invisible tendrils of intrigue, horror and hope that Kate's writing wraps around the hearts and minds of her fans. Maybe great stories are great stories in any medium, if you just get out of the way.

It seems from the responses to the series that, at the very least, we've driven even more people to discover her effortless (sorry Kate - seemingly effortless) prose. Her satirist's eye, the minute observations that reveal everything about a person through the most innocuous gesture or phrase, the mischievous and audacious use of coincidence, the telescoping of time and experience can obviously work even in the literal, linear 2D world of television.

But let's not fool ourselves: she's a writer. Of books. Wildly and justifiably popular and engaging ones. We just rode her coat tails.

Next time - if there is one - I'll hold on tighter."

Jason Isaacs – June 2011


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